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Freshly delivered logs are watered around the clock. After being cut to length, the blocks are continuously being watered since timber is ideally cut when wet.

Automatically stacking in a modern high-tech stacking asset allows inlaying of slats with exact precision down to millimeter. As a result of using aluminum slats instead of wooden ones the lumber stays more straight during the drying process and an optimal stacking will improve the overall drying result drastically as well.





After cutting the wood can be steamed and impregnated with an anti-mildew-fluid to avoid desiccation and discolouration of the wood. We use Wolsin-FL 35 as anti-mildew-fluid.

However, it is also possible to treat the wood with a combination of steaming and drying and in this process an anti-mildew-fluid is not required for wood with a thickness of up to 50 mm. Due to the big capacity of our kiln (1500 m┬│/month), we are able to deliver the goods on demand and in the desired degree of dryness.

 The wood is then acclimated in an air-conditioned warehouse. Our big logyard as well as several sorting options after sawing and during the measurement allow us to sort the wood according to customer requirements. Regular training of our employees ensure the quality of our products.