Sägewerk Hartmann – Production of lumber for specialized trade and wood manufacturing industry

  • For more than 120 years we are producing lumber in family business.

        • Our manufacturing emphases are in the following sectors: Maple, Beech, Oak, Ash and Pine.

  • We do only supply the specialized trade and the wood manufacturing industry.

  • 60 percent of our lumber production is exported to South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Denmark.
Our strengths

  • The main production place of Sägewerk Hartmann GmbH lies in the middle of an excellent hardwood area - the way for the delivery of log is very short.

  • Fresh delivered logs are watered "round-the-clock" - daily water usage: about 3.3 million litres.

  • Even the cut-blocks in log-section are still watered after being cut to length. In the optimal way wood comes to the saw drippy wet.

  • Automatical stacking in a modern high-tech stacking asset allows the inlaying of the slat exact to millimetre.

  • After cutting the wood is directly steamed and afterwards watered with an anti-mildew-fluid. This avoids desiccation and discoloration of the wood.

  • Due to our big capacity in dry kiln (1.000 cubic meters) we are always in a position to deliver the merchandise just in time in different dry degrees like the customer requires the goods.

  • Before finally placing the lumber into stock, we take out tension at the best possible as we extend considerably the balancing-phase.

  • Our own automobiles and trucks grant a fast supply to our customers within Europe. We load our products professional and reach the maximum utilization.


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Annual cutting:
More than 30.000 cubic meters

Capacity in steaming kiln:
200 cubic meters

Capacity in dry kiln:
10 kilns with a volume of each 100 cubic meters (Total volume: 1.000 cubic metes!)

Always in stock:
2500 cubic meters lumber kiln dried in air-conditioned halls
8000 cubic meters lumber air dried in good ventilated, roofed external storage areas



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